Long- and Medium-term Programmes and Work Plans of IRCI

All research projects are conducted by IRCI in line with its long- and medium-term programmes and work plans, which were approved by the IRCI Governing Board.

Current documents: 

Long-term Programme (FY 2013-2020) (Revised)

Medium-term Programme (FY 2016-2020) (Revised)*approved at the 4th Governing Board Meeting

Medium-term Programme (FY 2013-2015) (Revised)

Work Plan for FY 2016*approved at the 4th Governing Board Meeting

Work Plan for FY 2015

Past documents:

Long-term Programme (2012-2021)

Medium-term Programme (2012-2015)

Work Plan for FY 2013-2014

Work Plan for FY 2011-2012