The visions and missions of IRCI approved at the first Governing Board Meeting and then modified at the second Governing Board Meeting are:

1. Vision

(1) Promote the 2003 Convention in the Asia-Pacific region on the ground of the Article 4 Paragraph 1 of the Agreement.

(2) Achieve the objectives prescribed in the Article 4 Paragraph 1 of the Agreement between UNESCO and Japan, through the function outlined in the Article4 Paragraph 2 of the Agreement.

(3) Contribute to the achievement of UNESCO’s Medium-term Strategy 37 C/4 and Quadrennial Program and Budget 37 C/5, through the functions outlined in the Article 4 Paragraph 2 of the Agreement. 

2. Mission

(1) To instigate and coordinate research into practices and methodologies of safeguarding endangered intangible cultural heritage elements present in the Asia-Pacific Region, while cooperating with universities, research institutions, community representatives and other governmental and non-governmental organizations in Japan and elsewhere in the Region

(2) To assist, in terms of research, countries in the Asia-Pacific Region in implementing such measures as referred to in Articles 11, 12, 13 and 14 of the 2003 Convention, while paying special attention to developing countries;

(3) To organise workshops and seminars focusing on the role of research as a useful component for safeguarding the intangible cultural heritage and related practices and methodologies, involving experts, community representatives and administrators from the Asia-Pacific Region;

(4) To encourage and assist young researchers in the Asia-Pacific Region engaging in research activities related to safeguarding the intangible cultural heritage;

(5) To cooperate with other category 2 centres and institutions active in the domain of safeguarding the intangible cultural heritage, in the Asia-Pacific Region and beyond; and

(6) To initiate cooperation among all other interested institutions active in the domain of safeguarding the intangible cultural heritage, while furthering technical assistance vis-à-vis developing countries, in the Asia-Pacific Region.